About Us

Viat, is an family founded, owned and run organisation that manufactures instruments and accessories for transformers for the last 50 years.
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Today, we have manufacturing facilities in two Indian cities and dozens of global distributors and warehouses with whom we can ship to any country in the world.  Viat supplies to over 500 transformer OEMs in 70 countries and is widely approved by utilities and OEMs globally

The Viat founders started transformer instrument manufacturing with a company called 'Atvus' in 1970, making Buchholz relays in the living room of an apartment. The operations of Atvus were eventually merged into Viat Instruments, which was formed in 1995.

Today, Viat has over 75,000 square feet of covered area in our manufacturing facilities, which are in two separate cities providing redundancy and organisational depth. We offer the widest range of models and are among the largest global manufacturers for several of the product categories we supply.

We have been one of the fastest growing supplier of instruments of components in the world of transformers.

-Instruments in operation in over 10,000,000 transformers in 70 countries.

-Presence in every continent. Customer list includes over 500 transformer manufacturers including most leading brands worldwide. 

-50 years of experience in the transformer industry 

-Export house status granted by the Govt. of India.

-Constant R&D helps us improve products. Launching better models regularly help us improve transformer protection, as needed by the industry. 

-We customize products to meet individual requirements.

-Product design and quality standards are continuously upgraded 

-A very responsive team for both sales and after sales services.